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A Quick History of Beer and Brewing in Huntington
The Fesenmeier Brewing Company  in 1946
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History of the Fesenmeier Brewing Company
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The Rise and Fall of the Little Switzerland Brewing Company
Charge Story Involving Ernie Salvatore, Jr.
The History of the Little Switzerland Brewing Company
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 Cans and Bottles

Fesenmeier Centennial Beer 1955 - 1968
West Virginia Light Beer (mid 50s - mid 60s)
West Virginia Special Export Beer 1934 - 1968
West Virginia Pilsner 1968 - 1971 (reintroduced)
Charge Premium Beer 1968 - 1971

Bottles Only

Chief Logan Beer 1935 - 1940
Fesenmeier Brew Beer 1934 - 1937
Fesenmeier Christmas Beer
Fesenmeier Special Export Beer (no pic available)
Mountaineer Beer 1935 - 1938
West Virginia Ale 1950 - 1968
West Virginia Bock Beer 1950 - 1964
West Virginia Extra Pale Pilsner
West Virginia Holiday Beer (no pic available)
West Virginia Pale Dry Pilsner
West Virginia Pilsner Beer 1941 - 1968
West Virginia Premium Beer 1950 - 1968
West Virginia Special Ale 1934 - 1940
West Virginia Special Premium Beer
West Virginia Special Bock Beer 1935 - 1966
West Virginia Special Dark Beer
West Virginia Special Sparkling Ale 1939 - ?
West Virginia Special Sparkling Pale Ale
Innkeeper Beer - 1968 - 1971


Little Switzerland Labels
Innkeeper was available in both 12 ounce and 32 ounce bottles. The Swiss motif in the background of the picture matches the one on the exterior of the brewery. Little to nothing has been written about this brand, something we'd like to change. If you know anything about this product, or have any Innkeeper breweriana, I would love to see it and/or hear about it.

Fellow Huntington collectors, Joe Older and Phil Dobeck each have a sign advertising Innkeeper for 39 cents. As Joe said to me, "what a deal!" Another person wrote in and said he had a friend who drank Innkeeper Beer once and it tasted like swill. Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the BEERholder!

Thanks to Phil Dobeck for the price-card.
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