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This dandy publication contains rare color photos of the Huntington brewery, and appears to have been issued around the time it became Little Switzerland Brewing Company (LSB). For some consumers, retailers and distributors, this might have been their first introduction to the new brewery and its products, as well as the internationally known force behind the making of its "famous" beers, Master Brewer Alan L. Hann. The ad-men used an older writing style that sounds dated by today's standards, with lots of repetitive words, phrases and general information, so as to theoretically make a subliminal impression on the reader.

(left) Front Cover - Click photo to enlarge

Exactly why Little Switzerland decided to proclaim itself to be West Virginia's "largest" brewery, when in fact they were the State's "only" brewery, is open to debate, as no one seems to know the answer. Whether it was meant to be taken seriously or not, any advantage they hoped to gain from it quickly vanished in a sea of red ink (Budweiser red?). The dates on Page - 3 are incorrect. The Fesenmeier's operated as the West Virginia Brewing Company from 1899 to 1914, and as Fesenmeier Brewing Company from 1934 to 1968.

The brewery did not produce beer between 1914 and 1934, as prohibition came early to West Virginia. The use of "yellow corn flakes" in its beers is mentioned on Page - 4. But Jack Berno emphatically stated in an interview that LSB was making beer [CHARGE?] "
in the true European tradition of malt, hops, yeast and water. There's no artificial blending or chemicals used in production. It is similar to the purity code of Germany and Switzerland."

To maximize our computer disk-space, the pictures and text were inserted manually, and are presented "as is" in proper order using a "single column format."

Page - 1

CHARGE beer is for today's fun generation. This premium beer is charcoal mellowed to a golden smoothness. The thing that makes CHARGE beer different is its rare smoothness. That's because of the extra steps we add after fermenting and charcoal mellowing.

WEST VIRGINIA is the only beer good enough to be named after a State. It is made by West Virginians, in West Virginia, for the world.

INNKEEPER beer is brewed to be the best popular-priced beer in America.
Although each of our beers are different, one from the other, in ingredients and brewing technique, each goes through the same modern processing at Little Switzerland Brewing Company. All our beers are draft brewed, whether in a keg, bottle or can, to maintain brewery fresh flavor.

Page - 2

Having aged to a smooth golden finish, every drop of our beer is then charcoal filtered so it is sparkling clear and ready for bottling or canning in laboratory clean equipment, which fills, labels, seals and automatically packages. Our warehouse is small, therefore our beer is always FRESH and shipments leave daily. No beer is permitted to remain over one week in our warehouse.

Little Switzerland Brewing Company proudly introduces Alan L. Hann, an internationally known Brew Master with many years of experience as Master Brewer in Latin America, Canada, Europe and the United States. Alan is dedicated to his profession and will use his knowledge and experience to produce the finest product in the brewing industry for LITTLE SWITZERLAND BREWING COMPANY.

(above) Alan L. Hann - Click photo to enlarge

Page - 3
The Little Switzerland Brewing Company has been in continuous operation since 1891 when it was called the American Brewing Company. In 1899, John Fesenmeier purchased the facility, changing the name to Fesenmeier brewing Company and except during prohibition (1918 to 1933) it has been a producer of the finest beer and malt products. In 1968 the company was sold to a group of West Virginians and the present name adopted.

Premium quality has always been the key to success. To produce a premium quality beer only the the finest ingredients are used in CHARGE, WEST VIRGINIA, and INNKEEPER Beers. Quality malt from Canada and the Midwest United States. Carefully selected yellow corn flakes. The premium imported Styrian hops from Europe and the choicest American hops, selected for their bouquet aroma and exquisite flavor. These ingredients combined with pure well water from the deep underground rivers fed by melting winter snows and spring rains through the mountains of West Virginia makes the famous beers, CHARGE, WEST VIRGINIA, and INNKEEPER. These ingredients are combined in the most modern equipment. In old world artistry, through slow brewing and proper aging, we are able to produce our prize winning beers.

Page - 4

The malt, corn and water, when properly mixed, is called mash. Under scientific controlled temperatures this is converted into a liquid called wort, a sweet amber liquid. The wort flows from the lauter vessel into the copper brewing kettle. It is here the select hops are added to the brew that gives each brand of beer its distinct flavor and character. The wort then flows through a hop separator to the hot wort tank and then through a cooler into the fermenting tanks. Here our yeast is added and the process of creating alcohol and CO2 by fermentation is completed. The beer is then stored in aging tanks where, under constant refrigeration, it is properly aged. OUR BEER IS NEVER HURRIED. Not one drop of beer is allowed to leave our plant until it has been thoroughly aged.

Back Cover


As a public service for its friends, the LITTLE SWITZERLAND BREWING COMPANY has created a beautiful hospitality room tastefully decorated with Old World decor and is known as THE SWISS CHALET.

Located immediately adjacent to the main offices of the brewery, THE SWISS CHALET will seat approximately 100 people in comfort.

The management of LITTLE SWITZERLAND BREWING COMPANY is pleased to make the beautiful SWISS CHALET hospitality room available to responsible groups and organizations for social, business, cultural or charitable functions. There will be no cost either for the beautiful room or the famous CHARGE, WEST VIRGINIA or INNKEEPER Beers.

You can take guided tours of the LITTLE SWITZERLAND BREWING COMPANY between 9:00 A.M. and 3:30 P.M.

We cordially invite groups interested in utilizing THE SWISS CHALET or taking tours to write: RESERVATIONS MANAGER, THE LITTLE SWITZERLAND BREWING COMPANY, P.O. BOX 405, HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA, 25708, or telephone 523-7444 for further information and to make early reservations.

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