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A Quick History of Beer and Brewing in Huntington
The Fesenmeier Brewing Company  in 1946
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The Rise and Fall of the Little Switzerland Brewing Company
Charge Story Involving Ernie Salvatore, Jr.
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This is an area we wish to expand on greatly. We have the capability of posting both audio and video on this website, so we are looking for any television and / or radio commercials for Fesenmeier and Little Switzerland products as well. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy these print ads. See Descriptions below.

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1. WEST VIRGINIA BREWING COMPANY - (pre-prohibition) Fesenmeier Brew and West Virginia Special Export
2. FESENMEIER CENTENNIAL - From the Herald-Dispatch (Huntington daily - mornings) Fall 1963 - Notice the can opener standing upright on the left side of the picture, and the ski-poles on the right. The caption reads: "Slowly and carefully brewed to full-age body, with a light, bright, mello-tang flavor that's always there! At your favorite tavern or carry-out!"
3. FESENMEIER CENTENNIAL - From The Huntington Advertiser (Huntington daily - afternoons) Fall 1963 - Looks like someone else shared my opinion about the beer cans produced by the breweries in Huntington. This basic design was also used for Little Switzerland's version of West Virginia Pilsner Beer. The caption reads: "Well, what d'ya know...we won 2nd Prize...In National competition at the 22nd Annual Brewers' Convention of America in Chicago, the Fesenmeier Brewing Company of Huntington was awarded second prize for the best can design. (You should have seen the winner, it was a beaut!) We always knew we brewed the finest beer money can buy, and we were pretty sure we packaged it accordingly. Now we know!"
4. WEST VIRGINIA SPECIAL - (holiday ad) year unknown - This ad likely placed in multiple publications. Courtesy of Phil Dobeck
WEST VIRGINIA SPECIAL - year unknown - This ad likely placed in multiple publications (year unknown) Courtesy of Ted Wolfe
6. WEST VIRGINIA SPECIAL BEER and SPARKLING PALE ALE - year unknown - This ad likely placed in multiple publications (year unknown) Courtesy of Phil Dobeck

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