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A Quick History of Beer and Brewing in Huntington
The Fesenmeier Brewing Company  in 1946
Dad's Brewery Article
History of the Fesenmeier Brewing Company
Company Brochure
The Rise and Fall of the Little Switzerland Brewing Company
Charge Story Involving Ernie Salvatore, Jr.
The History of the Little Switzerland Brewing Company
Then & Now
Brewery Slogans
Print Advertisements for products from Fesenmeier Brewing Company
Brands & Labels
Breweriana 2
Breweriana 3
My Beer Cans
Breweriana 1
Charleston Breweries
Wheeling Breweries
Wheeling Breweries 1879
Wheeling Breweries 1886
West Virginia Breweries
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The mission of this website is to preserve the history of brewing beer in Huntington, West Virginia - showcasing the Fesenmeier and Little Switzerland brewing companies.  It celebrates the culture of beer and is dedicated to brewery workers the world over, but especially those who kept the beer flowing in Huntington for more than 80 years.
My name is John Salvatore. I collect beer cans and breweriana from Huntington, West Virginia and beyond. In the past I have been a proud member of the following organizations: American Breweriana Association (ABA), Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA), Eastern Coast Breweriana Association (ECBA), National Association of Breweriana Advertising (NABA).

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About the Breweriana on this Website
A number of breweriana items pictured on this website are from my personal collection, but most of them belong to other individuals. It's impossible to know how much breweriana was issued by Fesenmeier and Little Switzerland, but we discover more items all the time. What you will not see here are "fake" or "novelty" items that are being sold online. Pop open a cold one and enjoy!
See My Dad's Brewery Article From 1949!
Long before he became a famous sports writer, my late father, Ernie Salvatore, visited the Fesenmeier Brewery on their 50th anniversary as a cub reporter doing his first big feature story. We present it here in its entirety, in the same format in which it was originally published. Click the following link to see Dad's Brewery Article.
For questions you may have regarding your memorabilia (breweriana), please refer
to our "Links Page" for a list of websites dedicated to the hobby.

Thank You to everyone who has contributed information, breweriana, and encouragement! Without you, this website would not be possible.
This list
is in alphabetical order: The American Breweriana Association, American Breweriana Journal, Erik Amundson, Diane Balasingame, George Barone, Mark Benbow, Terry Bertolino, Arch Carden, Bill Carlisle, Jim Dawson, Jim Derrick, Phil Dobeck, Albert Doughty, Jim Ebner, Steve Fesenmaier, Bill Gaglione, Christine Galloway, Stan Galloway, Goldenseal Magazine, The Herald-Dispatch, Mike Keller, John Kent, Dave Lavender, John Lilly, Katie Lincoln, Patricia Marsh, Jeff Masters, Bob McClure, Scott McClure, Elizabeth Miller, Bruce Mobley, Rob Musson, Joe Older, Delano Patterson, The Reverend Steve Pegram and S & K Toy Trucks, Tim Quinn, Tom Ratkovich, Jon Rickman, Mark Rodgers, Paul Rothrock, Jeff Russo, Ernie Salvatore Jr., Sharon at Grayson (Kentucky) Antique Mall, Jeff Sias, John Smallshaw, Barry Spence, Tavern Trove, Jerry Warwick, West Virginia Department of Culture and History, and Ted Wolfe.
Preserving the history of beer and brewing in Huntington, West Virginia

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