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A "tagline" is usually attached to a corporation for a number of years. Whereas an advertising "slogan" is gone as soon as the ad-campaign is over, unless it proves to be a success. In the case of Fesenmeier Brewing Company, without question the most successful and enduring slogan was for the West Virginia brand:: "West Virginia, That'll Win Ya." Little Switzerland re-launched the brand in 1968 and changed it to:: "West Virginia, Brewed To Win Ya"

Fesenmeier Beer

"Fesenmeier Beer brings you good cheer!"

"No Matter the season...or whatever the reason...when refreshment really counts"

"Brewed in the Switzerland of America"

Fesenmeier Brewing Company Tagline:
"West Virginia's Only Brewery"

West Virginia Beer & Ale

"West Virginia, That'll win ya!"

"You get more extras in West Virginia"

"West Virginia Beer furnishes cheer with its Mello-Tang Goodness"

"Brewery Right, Flavor Right!"

"A name worth remembering"

"Always welcome." West Virginia Beer and Ale

"Worthy of the name!"

"The favorite beer of your favorite state." West Virginia Pilsner, Beer, Ale

"Its West Virginia's...Yours to enjoy...Good Naturally." West Virginia Pilsner

"Dry hopped. Flavor brewed. Aged Nature's way." West Virginia Special Ale

"Label New - Same Fine Brew." West Virginia Beer & Ale

"Enjoy West Virginia Pilsner, Beer, Ale Today and Every Day"

Charge Premium Beer

"Take Charge, the bold American premium beer."

"Young America is taking Charge."

"Have a Charge...Right Now!"

West Virginia Pilsner

"West Virginia, Brewed to Win Ya!"

Little Switzerland Brewing Company Tagline:
"West Virginia's Largest Brewery"
West Virginia's LARGEST Brewery?
was probably true for a few years beginning in 1934, but in 1938 three of West
Virginia's last four breweries closed up for good, leaving Fesenmeier as the only show in the state, thus their oft repeated tagline, "West Virginia's ONLY Brewery".  Little Switzerland altered the tagline to distinguish themselves in the public eye from the state's other breweries,  of which there were none.

Sign proclaiming "West Virginia's LARGEST Brewery" on the rear of the Little Switzerland office building moments before being demolished by Kroger to make way for a new store which they would soon abandon..

Why would a company do something like this? The answer is quite simple. Smart business people have always known that the average person does not have the means nor the desire to investigate various business claims. This is still somewhat true today, even with the internet. It is not known at this time whether their claim went beyond the sign on the brewery and into other areas such as advertising and marketing as well.

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