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A Quick History of Beer and Brewing in Huntington
The Fesenmeier Brewing Company  in 1946
Dad's Brewery Article
History of the Fesenmeier Brewing Company
Company Brochure
The Rise and Fall of the Little Switzerland Brewing Company
Charge Story Involving Ernie Salvatore, Jr.
The History of the Little Switzerland Brewing Company
Then & Now
Brewery Slogans
Print Advertisements for products from Fesenmeier Brewing Company
Brands & Labels
Breweriana 2
Breweriana 3
My Beer Cans
Breweriana 1
Charleston Breweries
Wheeling Breweries
Wheeling Breweries 1879
Wheeling Breweries 1886
West Virginia Breweries
Beer Links
AMERICAN BREWERIANA ASSOCIATION (ABA) - Serving beer historians for 20 years.

BCCA (BREWERY COLLECTIBLES CLUB OF AMERICA) - A list of beer links wouldn't be complete without a nod to this organization, more often referred to by its acronym (BCCA) than by its official name. This served the club well when they actually changed the name from its original "Beer Can Collectors of America."

BEER COAST - The American Breweriana Association (ABA) acquired the breweriana collectible documentation website in 2023 through a generous gift of the family of late website founder and creator Gil Davis. The website attempts to document all types of breweriana.

EASTERN COAST BREWERIANA ASSOCIATION (ECBA) - The oldest breweriana collectors club in America, founded in 1970.

FALSTAFF BEER - FAN SITE - Unfortunately, this website is no longer online. HOWEVER, through the magic of The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, you can still view this entertaining and informative website by my friend John Smallshaw. Learn about what can happen when giant corporations take over smaller ones, and / or run them out of business altogether. Offers tributes to these brewing companies: P. Ballantine & Sons, Haffenreffer, Carling National, Falls City, Theodore Mack & The Peoples Brewing, Joseph Pickett & Sons, Walter, and Horlacher.

GREENBRIER VALLEY BREWING CO - Founded and operated by my friend David Kucera, this company makes some fine malted beverages. Available statewide. HIGHLY recommended!

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION BREWERIANA ADVERTISING (NABA) - Organized in 1972 to encourage the collection, study and preservation of American brewery advertising on a national level.

TAVERN TROVE - This is not only where collectors buy and sell vintage breweriana worldwide, it's also a "tavern-trove" of information about beer can history & facts, breweriana, beer & brewing worldwide, prohibition, and much more!

Preserving the history of beer and brewing in Huntington, West Virginia

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